Millionaire Rick Steves Releases New, Slightly Condescending Travel Guide

Millionaire Rick Steves Releases New, Slightly Condescending Travel Guide

THE HAMPTONS, N.Y. — Rick Steves, traveler, entrepreneur, and author of 51 travel guidebooks, has released his newest travel book, Rick’s Rolling In Style: Traveling in Europe 2010. The book hit stores in March and has so far received mixed reviews

“I picked up Rick’s latest copy because I love his travel advice. I have used his books for the past 15 years,” said travel enthusiast Barbara De Marco. “This one, um, this was a departure from his usual style. The pictures are nice, but every caption just says ‘as if you could afford this!’”

The travel guide is reportedly flying off the shelves, having sold well over 1 million copies thus far. However, Steves’ publishing company, Perseus Books Group, confirmed that there has been an equal wave of condemnation in the form of letters, YouTube videos, and otherwise-polite foreign postcards.

“This is to be expected whenever a landmark author shifts his demographic. He’s still the same old loveable Rick, I can assure you,” said Perseus founder Frank Pearl. “When he recommends staying in The Palace of Versailles for a trip to France, he isn’t being snooty. It’s just friendly help for the well connected oligarchs making over eight figures per year.”

Combating the public comment from the publishing company was Rick Steves himself, who asked to be referred to as “Rick Steves: The Modern Day Marco Polo Who’s Richer Than Christ”.

“Yeah, they just say that because they have to. Look, fact is, I’ve been everywhere, I’ve done everything, and Ricky baby is inescapable. You can’t walk down Rue de Rivoli or Via Garibaldi without finding a peon with his or her nose buried in my product,” said Rick Steves, The Modern Day Marco Polo Who’s Richer Than Christ. “But if you are in Genoa, eat at La Berlocca for a sumptuous meal at a reasonable price. The waiters are genteel and the owner— wait, fuck all of you peasants.”

At the risk of losing Steves’ middle-class fan base, Perseus Books is currently working on a re-print that would remove portions of elitist narrative and, most notably, the “Transportation in Belgium” section:

“When traveling through Brussels, remember that just because you got in the Town Car doesn’t mean you owe the driver anything. It’s his civic duty to get you to your destination. If anything, ask him for money as a sort of appearance fee or tax. Unless, of course, you’re a damned commoner. In which case, you should just put this down right now.”

Loyal readers’ hopes for Steves to return to his humble roots were persistent, but wavered slightly more upon the announcement of his next two books: Rick Steves’ San Tropez and St. Croix (2011) and Rick Steves’ Outer Space (2013).

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