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Keith Olbermann Is a Liar, And a Bad One At That

A while back, Keith Olbermann attacked one of the very few Twitter accounts that I actually follow, and I was a bit startled. Then I got around to browsing Olbermann’s Twitter feed and discovered that, with all of the people he trolls daily, it was a mathematical certainty for him to attack someone I followed. @ChrisOJokes was previously devoted to tweeting mediocre one-liners and observations (this was my “maybe I’ll be a stand-up comedian!” phase), but after a few minutes on the KO feed, it became entirely devoted to trolling Olbermann right back. Eventually, he responded after I pointed out that, despite what he may think, one’s number of followers does not equal credibility. A fact is still a fact even coming from the “nobodies” on Twitter. (There being “famous” Twitterers just flipped my stomach over.) According to Olbermann’s logic, he must not be very credible since he was booted from MSNBC to Current TV. (UPDATE: And there goes Current TV.) This is not the object of my concern, however. Here in this brief Twitter feud, not only did Olbermann miss the point of my tweet entirely, (I’m not talking about your old show, dude), but he also lied like Google didn’t exist:

Great guy. It’s a shame they fired him again.

I wonder what that link takes us to…

Olbermann Ratings Drop

In Olbermann’s defense, the first number is indeed a one.


Hmm. It’s the last rating of cable news shows before he was fired on January 21st.  My most sincere apologies to Keith for saying he was 22nd in the ratings (that was a repeat episode at 11 pm). I meant to say he was… 12th. And 13th in December 2010. And 12th in November 2010. And, OK, so I’m not really apologizing at all. He was never the top rated cable news show and, if we’re really getting into it, his ratings fell 25% in 2010.

The lesson here is: don’t bully other people on Twitter. It’s only a matter of time before someone comes along in the spirit of Daniel Plainview and says, “you look like a fool, don’t you?”

P.S. Keith, since you’re clearly disconnected from reality, thanks for calling me ugly.

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