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Addressing The Newsroom Criticism

Unlike the TV critics, I have not received screeners of the first four episodes; I have seen the first episode of The Newsroom only. So perhaps this denial of the common analysis will become completely nullified, perhaps not. The major issue that the critics have taken with The Newsroom is that Will McAvoy is presented […]

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The Expiration Date of the LeBron Beef

In all likelihood, LeBron James will have his arms around the O’Brien Trophy before the weekend. It’s a moment that few of us are emotionally prepared for, even after last year’s close call. Call it the Bargaining stage of things, but I don’t think we have too much left to be mad at him about. […]

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Cinematic Style Comparison: Apocalypse Now and Dr. Strangelove

(TL;DR;YBW) Aside from having a mentally insane director at the helm of both movies, Apocalypse Now and Dr. Strangelove are radically different movies; this is achieved by each movie’s aesthetic style. While neither film is particularly steeped in realism, they both feel real to the war experience because of the way their characters are treated. […]

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Brief Review: The Mirage

What interests me secondmost to the overall conceit of the book, which is too large and complex to discuss in a brief review, are the artifacts mentioned in Saddam’s war room. As is often the occasion, the smallest items in a novel bear the biggest significance. Small items must have significance to warrant mentioning; otherwise, […]

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Got That Swagger: A Night with the Great Gambino

Behind the curtain, one Donald Glover is amped as all get out. Or, perhaps, he is staring out at the crowd with a stone-like expression, still unseen by anyone but techs and the warmup act. Truth be told, unlike the perfected stage manner of a band like the Rolling Stones, you just can’t know the […]

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The Dead-End of Basketball

Come with me for a second to fantasy land. Let’s pretend that the parity problem is somehow resolved. Teams of superstars are not battling each other every year for the title. Dynasties become as tough to establish as those in hockey. Everyone is paid properly. The NBA is making as much as the NFL. Guess […]

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Pleasure in Apocalypse Now

Set in the middle of the Vietnam war, the plot of Apocalypse Now is disrupted by random and surreal pleasures for the soldiers and for the leaders of the troops. What does this mean? How does it contribute to our understanding of the traditional soldier? Surfing One of the first instances of pleasure that we […]

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