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Promoted Content: The Upcoming NFL Season Forecast

Editor’s Note: The following was written and produced by a third party, and is a promoted advertisement. O2L Sports did not write the article.

The NFL, America’s favorite pastime, is back in full swing. The New York Giants, defending Super Bowl champions, and their archrivals, the Dallas Cowboys, will be exciting to watch. Millions of fans will stay glued to their TV or watch the action live in the stadiums.

Let us see what the NFL pundits forecast about the upcoming season:

“New England will prove unbeatable but then get beaten in the playoffs.”

New England’s insanely easy schedule is filled with teams like the Jaguars, Colts and Dolphins. They will prove to be good until they reach the playoffs. You can get the additional hints here.

 Quarterbacks will really evolve.

We will see more of those quarterbacks, whom will need to show some great athletic moves and not be just good in passing. Players like Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton are going to surface. The QBs will need to fit the bill of  being mobile and athletic.

Houston Texans will be the winner

Houston Texans are all set to win with a top defense, if they manage to keep away from injuries and stay healthy. They have the best defense and the best wide receiver in the league.

 Eagles will disappoint again

Eagles always manage to disappoint and it remains to be seen if they will make some improvement. But those best craps bonuses will never fail to disappoint you.

  Giants will be good

After a relatively quiet off-season, Giants will have their ups and down but will fare pretty good on the whole. They will easily find way into the playoffs, after winning the divisional again.

 Watch Rex Ryan for the last time

Rex Ryan looks OK as long as the team is winning. But the enjoyment will become more of a distraction when the team starts losing.

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