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Protect Your Dome and See Danger Coming

Snowboarding is popular because it is fast-moving, exhilarating and full of constantly changing courses and potential obstacles around every hill or corner. It’s that same lurking danger, like hidden rocks and trees or ice patches, that make safety equipment on the slopes an absolute necessity. To ride without the proper helmet and goggles is an unacceptable risk, especially since these items are some of the most affordable of all snowboarding gear. And thanks to a recent push to make all snowboarding equipment more sleek and fashionable the best brands are offering various styles and lines of these once-mundane items. When taking the time to browse through the selection it’s easy to see the variety a boarder is faced with when choosing the right safety gear. Find the many different styles of goggles here.

A proper snowboarding helmet is designed to protect the head from hard blows during a crash and to do so in a comfortable, cushioning manner. The helmet interior is a dense foam that makes it extremely durable yet lightweight while on the outside is a strong molded plastic shell that won’t crack or break from a hard impact. The strength of this plastic shell no matter how it’s molded allows helmet makers to create various shapes and sizes without a degradation of quality. Therefore you can find snowboarding helmets in more traditional dome shapes, ones that only cover the head and not the face or forehead and even ones with brims like a hat. The range of colors and designs possible on this slick plastic is limitless and many manufacturers specialize in helmets with unique looks here at WiredSport.

Snowboarding goggles have taken on a similar quality with regards to design options. Large plastic frames of most goggles are perfect for intricate patterns and colors. But a good-looking pair is still useless if it doesn’t offer good protection as well. The best goggles will cover not only the eyes but much of the surrounding face area as well. This is to prevent snow and freezing wind from flying into your face during a run, causing irritation and possible frostbite. In the eyes this could also impair sight and make it tough to spot hidden obstructions. Most goggles also offer UV protection thanks to treated lenses. The sun reflecting off white snow can be blinding and having sunglasses in goggle form is a lifesaver on the slopes.

Having the right safety gear is a must every time you strap on to a snowboard. Failure to see or protect yourself from dangers hidden on the mountain can be fatal. Pay a visit to Wired Sport and you’ll find the latest in reliable and fashionable safety gear for your head and face.

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