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The Cultural Space Occupied By Lana Del Rey Ranking Corpsifications in Denver (Part 2) Wait, Are They *Dead* Dead: Ranking Corpsifications In Denver A Quick Reading Check-In My Argument For The 20 Best Words The Gaben Awards

The Cultural Space Occupied By Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey seems to be an artist whose music provokes overly long dissections like these, while paradoxically being an artist who wouldn’t read them if payed. She’s our closest modern example of Led Zeppelin, in that her borrowing is explicit enough to become an entirely new art. I named my hypothetical band Ana Yell […]

Ranking Corpsifications in Denver (Part 2)

THE COLORADO AVALANCHE 2015 RECORD: 39-31-12 Credit where it’s due, the Avalanche know how to keep fan support on the level. Whereas the Philadelphia 76ers just blatantly acquire future “value”, the Avalanche take stock of their current team and spin it, time and time and time again. We aren’t “tanking” this season, we’re always “developing”. […]

Wait, Are They *Dead* Dead: Ranking Corpsifications In Denver

PART 1 of 2: Colorado Rockies and Denver Nuggets There has been an awakening in the Force. Have you felt it? …No? Okay, welcome to the Mile High City! Some might say I’m writing this because I feel a debt is owed to the three friends who read my sports articles and I’m churning them […]

A Quick Reading Check-In

It seems contradictory to say I have had no time to update this website and also to write about all the books I’ve since read for pleasure. Oh well. I’m just glad to be back. Unlike my normal reading patterns, I can probably explain why I went from one to the next. The Count of […]

My Argument For The 20 Best Words

Thank God this website is a hobby. How on earth do sportswriters survive the summer? I’m not the first person to ask this Q but it bears repeating: HOW? I suppose a ninety thousand dollar paycheck would stimulate the creative juices, but past answering the very easy question of ‘Will Rory acquire more majors than […]

The Gaben Awards

If you’re familiar with reddit (particularly r/gaming, r/pcmasterrace or r/technology), I don’t need to explain who or what  Gaben is. You can skip the next paragraph.  But for those whom aren’t indoctrinated into reddit’s glorious, never-ending time-suck… The sports leagues need a Gabe Newell. Gabe, or Gaben in the vernacular, is the billionaire head of […]

The Huge, Negligible Problems With S.

21 January 2014

The book-lover in me wants you to disregard the title of this piece. What Doug Dorst and J.J.  Abrams set out to do is something I’ve long been waiting for, without knowing that I’ve been waiting for it. Correspondence via marginalia. How could the idea have eluded so many? Sure, characters have bonded over an […]

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Short Film Review: The Last Farm

18 December 2013

For context, here is the movie in its entirety: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh7sQ4hPnyk The Last Farm explores many themes – such as dignity, vanity, pride, and self-worth – while saying very few words at all. The film’s focus on Hrafn, an old man who has recently lost his wife but refuses to tell anyone, powerfully demonstrates that how we […]

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Sponsored Content: What Are Adobe Certification Exams Good For?

26 November 2013

Adobe Certification Exams are good for many things. They can help your career immensely, and they show you definitively that you have the skills necessary to succeed. Knowing what Adobe Certification Exams are good for is the first step to deciding to take them. Freelance Work The Adobe certifications that you can get from these exams can […]

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Brief Review: The Catcher in the Rye and Sestinas

25 September 2013

I finally read The Catcher In The Rye. Now where do I put the bodies? Lost in myriad slayings, the force behind it being the pop culture phenomenon it is today, was the importance of its poetic refrain. This book is not about changing the world, with or without a sniper rifle, but rather the […]

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20 Probable Front Page CNN Headlines

29 August 2013

CHAOTIC WEATHER STRIKES EASTERN U.S. Yesterday was 79 degrees. Today… 81.  U.S. BANKING SECTOR IN TURMOIL Free checking to be slightly restricted for Wells Fargo customers  OBAMA UNDER FIRE FROM CRITICS That suit looked a little cheap, Barry. U.S. CITIZENS DEMAND NEW CHANGE ‘Fuck pennies,’ many report.  WAR ERUPTS IN MIDDLE EAST Here’s an article from […]

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Mega-Book Mini-Reviews

26 August 2013

Um, so I had some spare time while I was in China. How much spare time? Here are some reviews from my reading list last year. The Brothers Karamazov A feeling of enormous jealousy comes over me every time a friend posts “Person/Thing X is my spirit animal,” especially when it’s true. I should have […]

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A Year In China: Part One

24 August 2013

With the way China is now portrayed as the superpower of the next 100 years, I had the idea that I was cramming into an old jalopy with Hemingway, Woody Allen, and Owen Wilson on course to our version of the roaring 1920s. A sad, polluted, hobbled, suicidal hyper-industrialized version of those fondly remembered days. […]

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Blurred Social Lines, or, The Day We Deserved Royalties

14 August 2013

With the decision to slather hashtags over an otherwise serviceable if purposely derivative music video, Robin Thicke has invited me to join the conversation about Blurred Lines taking place in the realm of buzziness. The invitation comes flashing, repeated, and boldly so. The only hitch in this, well, I don’t have anything to say about […]

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2013 ESPYs After-Party Photo Gallery

21 July 2013

My friend Travis Synder over at the Hungry Creative Agency had the opportunity to snap some photos at the ESPYs daytime after-party/SWAG giveaway and he graciously allowed my site to post them. Comments are mine.         And now for my favorite part: ATHLETES UNCOMFORTABLY ENDORSING PRODUCTS AT RANDOM         […]

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Magna Carter, Holy Yeezus: A Style Comparison

14 July 2013

Yeezus is a supremely arrogant title. In fact, for all the braggadocio in hip-hop, I’m not sure I can think of one that surpasses it. The essence of modern day rap is to tell the listener that you’re good and, in fact, quite superior to the other so-called rappers. Also, you have money and girls […]

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