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The Male Appeal of Gilmore Girls A Brief History of Opinions Back to Church The Viewer-Critic Jay Z We Breached the Zeitgeist and Disappeared

The Male Appeal of Gilmore Girls

Every relationship has certain certainties: it energizes you and enervates you; jokes and conversations take strange, strange turns down roads invisible to singledom; you defend and advocate the things you like with too much gravitas for something like entertainment; and you embrace new things that were outside your purview before—and that thing is most likely […]

A Brief History of Opinions

Imagine the most inconsequential despair possible. Something more trivial than your perennial hometown contender losing in the playoffs and less life-altering than the HOV lane being closed. Such a moment happened to me on Hollywood Boulevard at 2:51 pm, one week ago. The offense? An FYC billboard had deigned to incorrectly use the word ‘masterpiece’. […]

Back to Church

Right off the bat, I’d like to stress that at no point will this be an exercise in comparative moral lifestyles, one ideology being better or worse than another, or discovering capital-T Truth through God. Frankly I still don’t care for the Old Testament. Contemporary Christian music still feels like an abscess in my ears. […]

The Viewer-Critic

A little over two years ago, I remember standing in a Trader Joe’s, not really looking for anything. I had just had a semi-long conversation about what theatergoers want nowadays and maybe I was looking for the sustenance that the upsetting talk did not provide. It was a conversation about the relentless amounts of unqualified […]

Jay Z – The Divorce Album

Important news: I was fortunate enough to personally receive legit, 100% totally real sample lyrics from Jay Z’s upcoming response to Lemonade. Enjoy! Track 01 – All de Money (Alimony) Comin for my paper Boy should notta got her Wifed up for life up Late with the lawyers who tryin to destroy us In the […]

We Breached the Zeitgeist and Disappeared

The principle of ‘top billing’ has melded into many shapes throughout music history. The ancestor of so many descendingly fonted -palooza posters is, of course, the marquee hung letter by letter in front of bright white lights, or maybe even as far back as the town crier. Regardless, the reason a band gets the nod […]

A Quick Reading Check-In

10 June 2015

It seems contradictory to say I have had no time to update this website and also to write about all the books I’ve since read for pleasure. Oh well. I’m just glad to be back. Unlike my normal reading patterns, I can probably explain why I went from one to the next. The Count of […]

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My Argument For The 20 Best Words

11 August 2014

Thank God this website is a hobby. How on earth do sportswriters survive the summer? I’m not the first person to ask this Q but it bears repeating: HOW? I suppose a ninety thousand dollar paycheck would stimulate the creative juices, but past answering the very easy question of ‘Will Rory acquire more majors than […]

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The Gaben Awards

29 July 2014

If you’re familiar with reddit (particularly r/gaming, r/pcmasterrace or r/technology), I don’t need to explain who or what  Gaben is. You can skip the next paragraph.  But for those whom aren’t indoctrinated into reddit’s glorious, never-ending time-suck… The sports leagues need a Gabe Newell. Gabe, or Gaben in the vernacular, is the billionaire head of […]

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You Look Like: The Three Words Slowly Defining Pop Culture

23 July 2014

Bets you will never see at a Vegas Sportsbook for lack of house odds: ‘Michael Sam verbally bullied before Week 12’, ‘Shia LaBeouf crashes Oscars drunk with anti-celebrity manifesto’, and ‘New Seth Rogen vehicle to include insult humor beginning with ‘You look like ____’. (Close cousins rarely seen today would be ‘Celebrity X called, he/she […]

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An Alternate Perspective On Sexism and Racism In Movies

01 May 2014

93 percent. If you are even tangentially related to the film industry, you hear that number and think ‘the percent of Major Oscars which haven’t gone to minorities or women’. When a fact as glaring as that exists, it’s all hands on deck to try and rectify the environment of filmmaking. But, I believe, the […]

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A-Rod Blew It

07 February 2014

Surprisingly, we’re not discussing his batting in October, nor his treatment of the fans, or his “respect for the game”. Alex Rodriguez, the most unlikable player on the most villainous team, had the chance to impact baseball in a positive way. He gave up that chance this morning. Right now we approach steroids the way […]

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Things I’ll Miss Complaining About If The Broncos Win The Super Bowl

23 January 2014

The Super Bowl. We made it. Time to do some inventory. Things I’ll Miss Complaining About If The Broncos Win The Super Bowl How no one appreciated the above-averageness of Jake Plummer. How everyone was a little too sold on Jay Cutler as a playmaker. Josh McDaniels. Just, yeah. McDaniels. How everyone emphasized Brandon Marshall […]

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The Huge, Negligible Problems With S.

21 January 2014

The book-lover in me wants you to disregard the title of this piece. What Doug Dorst and J.J.  Abrams set out to do is something I’ve long been waiting for, without knowing that I’ve been waiting for it. Correspondence via marginalia. How could the idea have eluded so many? Sure, characters have bonded over an […]

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Short Film Review: The Last Farm

18 December 2013

For context, here is the movie in its entirety: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh7sQ4hPnyk The Last Farm explores many themes – such as dignity, vanity, pride, and self-worth – while saying very few words at all. The film’s focus on Hrafn, an old man who has recently lost his wife but refuses to tell anyone, powerfully demonstrates that how we […]

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Sponsored Content: What Are Adobe Certification Exams Good For?

26 November 2013

Adobe Certification Exams are good for many things. They can help your career immensely, and they show you definitively that you have the skills necessary to succeed. Knowing what Adobe Certification Exams are good for is the first step to deciding to take them. Freelance Work The Adobe certifications that you can get from these exams can […]

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